Creative Ways Your Savannah Realtor Helps Sell Your House

While you might think you can save a few dollars selling your home without a listing agent, when the buyers are few and far between, you will be glad you had a creative Savannah real estate brokerage marketing your house to get the highest cash offers. These are just some of the creative ways your real estate agents Savannah GA professionals are going to help promote your house to a targeted audience.

Enticing the Buyers with Incentives

The buyers in your region may have plenty of houses to choose from this month, and after a while, they all start to look the same. Your listing agent understands that in order to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer, they need a little in the way of incentives. If you are financially able, your agent may recommend selling for top dollar but helping the buyers in ways the other sellers might not be able to.

Your agent might suggest that you offer to buy a point to help the buyers get a lower interest rate, include many of the furnishings in the house with the purchase, or help to pay some of the closing costs. These are especially popular with first-time buyers.

Providing More Value in the House

There might be several houses in a small radius that look like your home, are priced like your home, and are all listed at the same time. In order to separate your listing from the others, your real estate broker might focus more on the things in your house that appeal to buyers. Perhaps you have a home warranty package that is still valid, your agent will promote that. Maybe you paid for new appliances that are staying in the house, something any buyer would certainly love in their new house.

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If the house is under a termite or pest control contract, you had additional work done to the house or added something like a pool or furnished basement, your agent is going to focus on the value in those items the other houses are lacking.

Transforming the Appearance of the House

Remember what that model house looked like that you visited when you were house hunting? That is the feeling you want to give potential buyers to your house. Your listing agent will give you tips on the house to get all your belongings to storage to make the interior appear larger, paint the rooms in neutral decor to invite all buyers, and minimize personal effects to give buyers the feeling it is their home.

These little tricks all connect with a buyer emotionally and get them invested in your property, so they don’t forget it when they leave the showing.

By selling your house faster and for more money, you are going to make money using a local Savannah real estate agent. These are only a sampling of the countless techniques the real estate agent will use to get your house noticed by those buyers who are in the best position to make a purchase today.