Real Estate Feather Flag Signs

Open houses? New homes? Real estate for Sale? Model Homes? Agent on Duty? Available? What message would you like to get out to the public about your current real estate? There are so many real estate agents on the market today, all looking to get noticed by customers so that they can sell their properties and get their commission checks. What approaches are you taking with your real estate business to let the public know about your properties? There are so many approaches. But when it comes to real estate lawn signs, many real estate agents use the traditional cardboard/plastic frames. These are known to take up a lot of your space in the car and appear as boring, as they are basically seen everywhere and used by so many agents around the world. When it comes to getting related messages out regarding available properties, feather flags are a new and improved way on how to get your message out to the public in a brilliant, effective and creative way that can be seen afar and can take up less space in your car than those stiff cardboard/plastic real estate frames.

Independent feather flag signs are tall, bright and light weight. They draw attention easily as they aren’t as common as the easy way out of using typical real estate cardboard frames. A height that can reach up to 11 ft., these flags can be seen a block away, definitely an advantage for reaching those buyers who are in the area and has no idea that you are on the market. With it’s type of movement in the wind, due to its lightweight and polyester material, it easily catches the eye and draws in excitement. And not to mention its color quality, solid color scheme that is mostly custom mixed according to your request, as related to your real estate brand. Many companies will create a custom independent feather flag sign per your request. If an 11 ft. flag is a little too tall for your preference, you can opt for a shorter flag at 7 ft. These flags have been known to increase buyer percentage by 50%.

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Many agents may be concerned with how difficult these independent feather flags are to assemble and to disassemble. Well, not difficult at all. As a matter of fact, they are quite simple to put together and to break down. As different businesses may have a different approach to their independent feather flags, for the most part, no tools are required. You simply have to assemble the polyester flag to fiberglass poles with a ground anchor by hand and your flag is flying high, once it is installed into the ground. It usually takes an agent about two minutes to assemble and disassemble the flag. Don’t worry, these independent feather flag companies understand how busy a real estate agent can be, they will not waste too much of your time with a feather flag.

You can easily pick up a multitude of these signs online at about $50 per flag. Pick up a feather flag for each one of your properties throughout the county and outshine the competition. You will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase, especially when your real estate sales increase.